VCO Integrated Assemblies
Teledyne Microwave's has maintained it's VCO product line for primarily Sub-system based products. This would include broadband up-converters and down-converters. Many of the designs are industry leaders such as this fast set-on VCO. This particular unit works at I-Band. With voltage tuning, settling to within 5MHz is achieved in 20nS and within 1MHz in 200nS.

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Teledyne Microwave has successfully produced fast-on oscillators which tune across bandwidths of up to an octave in a single stage. These typically are fundamental oscillators though doubling oscillators with tracking filters can also be used. Broadband VCO's such as the unit shown have been developed for many military applications. Teledyne Microwave's present activity is to incorporate these design and knowledge into Sub-systems. 

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Teledyne's military products are supplied to
a number of Major Customers on a number of significant
Military Programs.
A short list of other typical Microwave Assemblies is shown below:

Integrated Receiver Module (IRM)
YIG Based 2-18 GHz Suphet Receiver
10 MHz to 18GHz IMFM
Dual Amplifier

Other related products include:

YIG Products
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