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Teledyne Microwave has a 30-year history of supporting military programs. Our products are designed into major military EW systems on such programs as F14, B1B, F/A 18, F16, AEGIS and many others. When modernization issues arise, Teledyne Microwave has demonstrated the ability to provide military customers with alternate sourcing for form, fit, and function replacements. These modernized replacements use semiconductors and other devices that are highly reliable and readily available. The Chart below shows the history of Teledyne Microwave Modernization program. Many qualified designs of companies listed are still available. A comprehensive list of replacement parts for other vendors is also available on request.
Teledyne Microwave through the acquisition of Filtronic Solid State and Celeritek have the ability to design and produce a wide range of integrated products specifically for Microwave industry both Commercial and Military. By combining components and modules on both the hybrid and board level we are able to produce very complex assy's custom built for the customers fit and form.

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  A short list of other typical Microwave Assemblies is shown below:

Integrated Receiver Module (IRM)
YIG Based 2-18 GHz Suphet Receiver
10 MHz to 18GHz IMFM
Dual Amplifier

Teledyne's military products are supplied to
a number of Major Customers on a number of significant
Military Programs.
Other related products include:

YIG Products
Microwave Integrated Assy's
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